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Zurich - images of a city

Heinz Brunner

60 pages in colour, soft cover, FCE-paper, ISBN 978-3-906063-10-2, sfr 18.00

Cover Zurich

Sechseläuten and the Böögg
The Böögg being burnt on the day of the Sechseläuten is customary only since the beginning of the 20st century. Originally, this snowman in a hat had the function and the looks of an evil spirit, who had to be chased away by the means of a raucous carnival. As the six o’clock bell’s ringing of the St.-Peter-church was celebrated at the same time as the start of the summertime by the guilds, they moved the custom of the Böögg being burnt to chase away the winter onto the same time and day. Another extravagant tradition for some decades now, is the unofficial but very popular roasting of sausages on the remnants of the stake.  This, of course, is practiced only by non-guild-members and it is necessary to bring along a really long spit, since the temperatures next to the woodpile are extremely high.

There is no faster train within this city. It is one minute that the typically red carriage of the Polybähnli needs to get upwards from the Central to the ETH, formerly known as Polytechnikum. This little train was established in 1889. Only few years later, the hydro-ballast-drive was replaced by an electric drive. The latest overall renovation took place by the end of the past century


The Lindenhof
On the other side of the river it is above all the quiet squares and the marvellous footpath over bridges and along the Limmat who captivate the traveller. The Lindenplatz, the St.-Peter-Hofstatt and the Rathausbridge, are quite large squares. As this part of the old town borders on the Bahnhofstrasse, there are hardly any inns to be found.

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