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Herbstnovität: Geri Stocker "Basel on my mind"


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The Basel Rhine docks are the only navigable access between Switzerland and the sea. More than 10% of imported goods arrive in the country via this vital artery.

At 12 o’clock on the last Saturday of October, when the Martinsglöggli rings, the autumn fair begins. It ran for the first time in 1471 and lasts for a fortnight.

...These beautiful gates didn’t just defend the city - they represented its wealth. This is why the Spalentor, situated on the strategically most important spot, is the most lavishly adorned of the three gates.

Parts of the medieval city walls in the St. Alban Quarter have been preserved, along with three renovated gates: the St. Alban-Tor, the St. Johanns-Tor and the Spalentor ...


Basel - images of a city

60 pages in colour, ISBN 978-3-906063-03-4, ET 2015, UVP sfr 18.00

City Hall Carnival Ferry Elisabethen Church Messe Cathedral Rhine River Autumn Fair